Below are the primary frequencies that are used by Cuyahoga County ARES. In the event of an emergency ARES activation, please check the below frequencies, in the order listed, for an active logistics net. Check in to announce your availability and obtain further instructions. You will likely then be assigned to respond to a specific location and check in on a different repeater.

Use Output Input PL Tone Callsign Location Sponsor
Primary 145.410 144.810 110.9 KB8WLW Parma KB8RST
Secondary 146.760 146.160 110.9 WR8ABC Highland Hills LEARA
Tertiary 146.820 146.220 110.9 K8ZFR Parma CARS
Simplex 147.480 147.480 100
DMR 442.0875 447.0875 CC 1 N8NOD Warrensville Hts NEODCG


For a more complete list of Ohio Section ARES frequencies, please see the ICS-217 located here. Please note that frequencies do change, so check with your local ARES leadership to confirm the accuracy of the frequencies listed.